Big Performance in a compact size

   Model QCB-1

Ultra-Minature  CB Quad Antenna 

Shown mounted horizontally polarized



   The QCB-1 Quad Antenna has been engineered to provide maximum gain and efficiency in the smallest practical size. Having a 55 1/2 inches boom and turning radius of 45 inches requires the smallest erection area of any CB Beam Antenna on the market. The QCB-1 incorporates the principal of hi potential loading; acclaimed the most efficient method reducing resistance and radiator current necessary for maximum radiation efficiency.  The QBC-1 also features easily adjusted frequency  ,  and choice of horizontal or vertical polarization, picture shows horizontal polarized. It's weight is only 8 pounds and can be mounted and rotated with economical TV hardware and rotor. Here , in super small size is an antenna designed to satisfy those with very limited space and size restrictions.


Forward Gain over Ref. Isoptropic   4.5dBd

Power Rating                                        500Watt AM,   1200W P.E.P.

Front to Back Ratio                              25dB

Side Rejection                                      12dB

SWR  at resonace                                See Chart below

Feedline  Impedance                           50 OHm

Feedline Connector                            SO-239

Element Material                                 Clear Lexan Tubing

Boom Material                                     6061-T6   Aluminum

Mast Mounting Plate                           1 1/4"-  2 1/4" Mast  (Mast not included )


Cross arm lengths                            55 1/2 inches  (including coil holders)

Boom Length                                     54 1/2 inches 

Turning Radius                                  45 inches

Weight                                                 8 LBS

Rotor                                                   TV rotor

Max Wind Survival                             75 MPH                                                          QCB-1SWR                                                                                                                                                        








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